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    I feel empowered, I know my rights: Communities empowered by peer educators and paralegals

  • St Kilda Legal Service launched the Community Legal Centre Fellowship Report in December 2014.


    St Kilda Legal Service community lawyer, Jacinta Maloney was awarded the 2013 -2014 Victoria Law Foundation’s Community Legal Centre Research Fellowship.  As part of the research fellowship project Jacinta has investigated peer education and paralegal programs, both in Australia and overseas.  Jacinta has explored how these programs can empower communities.  She has visited organisations in South Africa, Hungary, Cambodia, and the Philippines, including organisations providing peer education and paralegal programs for sex workers in South Africa and for prisoners in the Philippines.  In Australia she has explored peer programs such as those of Harm Reduction Victoria, a peer-based organisation educating people who use drugs on harm reduction strategies.


    While the report is aimed primarily at Community Legal Centres, it is just as relevant and applicable to other legal services, such as legal aid commissions and pro bono legal services, and more broadly to other community-based organisations that assist, support and work alongside marginalised communities in Victoria and beyond.

Keeping Out of Debt

The Keeping Out of Debt Z-Card brochure was produced and printed in 2010 by St Kilda Legal Service, YouthLaw and Consumer Action Law Centre as part of the St Kilda Legal Service Young People and Preventing Credit-Related Debt project.   Following strong demand for the publication, a second edition of the publication was printed in 2011.  The funding for the project was provided by the Consumer Credit Fund on the approval of the Minister for Consumer Affairs. 


To view a copy of the Keeping Out of Debt  brochure view click here.



Shining a Light on Street Workers' Rights

The Shining a Light on Street Workers' Rights legal information has been produced by St Kilda Legal Service with the RhED Program of Inner South Community Health.  The production of this legal information was made possible by a grant from the Victoria Law Foundation. 

To view fact sheets on the topics of: sexual assault, arrest rights, loitering, body searches and samples, and drugs and the law click here.

To view fact sheets on the topics of: exempt escorts, protecting yourself and mugs and the law; dealing with fines, talking to police, and debt collectors click here.


Keeping the 'Mates' in Housemates

The Keeping the 'Mates' in Housemates brochure is a joint publication of the Tenants Union and St Kilda Legal Service.  A new edition of the brochure was published in May 2010.  Click here to view the publication.  For a full list of Tenants Union publications visit:







Human Rights in Daily Life

The Human Rights in Daily Life brochure was produced by the St Kilda Human Rights Working Group.  The brochure includes information about Victoria's Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities.  It is a joint publication of St Kilda Legal Service, the Port Phillip Community Group and Bentleigh Bayside Community Health.  To view the brochure click here.










Legal Issues for Professionals (LIP) in the sex industry is a publication produced by St Kilda Legal Service in partnership with Inner South Community Health Service.  The first edition of LIP was funded by the Victoria Law Foundation.

The booklet contains information on a broad range of areas of law relating to sex work, including employment, taxation, family law, sexual harassment, victims of crime assistance, dealing with police and immigration.

The second edition of LIP was published in 2009.  Click here  (2.6MB) to view the 2009 edition of LIP.



Finding Legal Information

The Fitzroy Law Hanbook Online is a great source of legal information. Click here to visit the Fitzroy Law Handbook Online website.  And to search for other legal publications you can visit the VictoriaLaw Website.  Victoria Law is a not-for-profit website that helps you find information about the law and legal services in Victoria:

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